We have a team of 12 Parent Leaders who provide excellent one-to-one mentorship to parents and families referred to Thrive. These leaders also facilitate our Support Groups which are held every second month in multiple venues across South Africa.

Connecting with other parents who have shared a similar journey is deeply comforting; parents no longer feel alone, they gain courage to take positive action and come to the point of accepting their deaf child –this is crucial to the development of any child, particularly our most vulnerable.

We know that a parent who is actively involved and invested in their child’s development is one of greatest predictors of success for a deaf child. It is the work of Thrive to stand alongside other parents and provide the support that they need to move to a place of acceptance and conviction that their children have every opportunity to Thrive and contribute to this world. We believe this to be the most powerful thing that can be done to bring the full flourishing of deaf children in our country.

Our annual training retreat is a time of up skilling our mentors in this space of peer support.


If you are a family with a child who is deaf or hard of hearing and you would like to be mentored for a period of 6 months by one of our parent leaders, please get in touch.