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The Delabatskool for the Deaf has produced South African Sign Language learning and teaching materials in the form of themed books/DVDs packed with vocab and story books/DVDs appropriate for Grade R – Grade 3. They are produced in English and Afrikaans.

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Theme books
Merged Temaboeke

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Signing to your child

Prof Claudine Storbeck is viewed as one of the leading researchers and teachers in Deaf Education in South Africa. She did her Masters on “Bilingual Education” and her PhD on “Training teachers of the Deaf”. With this video she shares her knowledge, commitment and dedication with hearing parents of Deaf children as well as any member of the public wishing to enter into basic Sign Language communication. Her easily accessible style and comfort with this beautiful language is conveyed as she takes the viewer on a step-by-step journey into the silent world of the Deaf.

Sales and distribution
Enquiries: Maryna Langenhoven
Tel and Fax: (011) 678-0681 or 082 454 1009

Cost R350 excluding postage