Nothing is quite as authentic as stepping into other people’s lives. Blogs afford us this privilege as thoughts and experiences are vulnerably transcribed into text. These are a few of Deaf interest, no views expressed in any of these are necessarily representative of those of THRIVE.

1) Mothering 3 deaf daughters by Bianca Birdsey, founder of THRIVE.

2) Chev’s life is written by a South African mother Chevone Petersen. It captures moments from her daily life which include aspects of raising her son who has a hearing loss.

3) Raising a Deaf or Hard of Hearing child is a collection of blog posts from parents around the world, facilitated by Hands and Voices,

4) The Limping Chicken is a daily blog from the UK including Deaf news and Deaf blogs. The Limping Chicken is renowned as the most popular Deaf blog in the world.

5) Deaf Guy is a blog by South African Guy Mcilroy, a staff member at the Centre for Deaf Studies at Wits University.